Thursday, February 11, 2010

Avon eParty to celebrate the blizzards of 2010

If you live in the mid to northeast you're more than likely snowed in with 2 to 5 feet of snow around you. We've had two storms in the past week and approximately 4 feet of snow to show for it! The last time we had snow like this was 1996! So, to "celebrate" being snowed in and suffering from cabin fever, you can shop on my Avon site and take advantage of all the great deals! Simply go to the eParties page (click here) and use the coupon code BLIZZARD2010 when you check out. There are a lot of great deals right now, including the Skin So Soft Signature Silk Big Deal - 2 shower gels, 1 body lotion, 1 hand cream and 1 body cream - all for $12.99 (regularly 28.00). To gain easy access to all the great deals, click on the Special Offers link (click here).

You can also use that same coupon code (BLIZZARD2010) at the Lapisworks site (click here) to receive a 20% discount! Both sales will run through next Wednesday (February 17). Due to the weather, we did not have mail yesterday, and may not have it today, so shipping items may be delayed, but I will contact you with details as soon as I have them. It appears we may have another snow storm Monday into Tuesday, so stay tuned, I may run another sale! So whether you're snowed in or not, stay safe and warm, and have fun shopping!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Custom Tshirts

So, I'm considering opening a store with This site offers anyone the ability to sell their own graphic designs on apparel and other items for an agreed upon percentage. I've considered the idea for quite some time now, and I've had an account with them for over a year. I simply never took the next step to start offering merchandise and advertising the store. I didn't sleep at all last night (if you follow this blog or get to know me, you'll notice I have manic swings where I might go a few days without sleep), instead, I sat up and wrote about 5 pages worth of ideas for funny or witty t-shirts and coffee mugs. I have to say, I'm impressed! Never in a million years would I think I could come up with that much material!

So now my action plan is as follows: I intend to type up all these ideas into a spreadsheet so that I can sort them by theme and product. Then I'll whittle the list to what I think is most likely to sell. Next I'll need to familiarize myself with the product templates and transfer my ideas onto the templates so that there is a "product". Once I have product, I'll make announcements on Twitter, Facebook, Lapisworks Store and here on the blog. I can tell I'm in a manic state because I normally would not allow myself this type of exposure. I would like to follow through with this because, obviously, this is another creative outlet (one I didn't know was there). The two biggest questions remain - Who is my target market? & Will I sell anything?

I have some ideas on who my target market is, the ideas I came up with do not single out any one so-called "group" of people. That is partly why I want to sort these items into themes, I'll be able to isolate my targets better that way. As for the second, and perhaps larger question, that remains to be seen. I figure as long as I'm not spending 24 hours a day on it and still having fun, it's a win-win. I'll go with it until it no longer "works". Any feedback would be much appreciated!

New Inventory Added to Lapisworks Vintage Artisan Garden

I have finally uploaded about 20 pairs of my handmade, recycled earrings to the Lapisworks site. Most of these earrings are created using recycled vintage beads (from broken or unwanted vintage costume jewelry) and new components. They're a bargain with prices between $10 and $15. I'm currently offering a free Avon lip balm and samples with any order as well. Most of these earrings have a matching necklace or bracelet, but I've managed to break my memory card reader and can not load the pictures! So, if you do happen to take a peek and see something you like, let me know. I'll set them aside until you are ready to purchase after viewing the complimenting piece.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Links Page

I've added a Links Page to the blog. There are a bunch of great sites listed from craft supply vendors to search engine optimization blogs. Take a look, and let me know if any links are broken, or if you have any suggestions! Thanks! Lisa

Free Shipping on orders $5.00 or More!

Avon is offering free Direct Delivery shipping on any order over $5.00, just use coupon code KISSES at checkout! Shop my site and take advantage of all the great deals!

Avon Inventory Page Updated

I've finally updated my Avon Inventory Page. You can now order Avon Naturals products and Moisture Therapy hand creams at 50% the regular brochure price! Click here or any other link in this post to go directly to the inventory section of my store.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Campaign 4 Special Offers Now Available!

I've updated the Avon Special Offers page for Campaign 4! There are lots of good deals to be had during this campaign! Check out the great deals here! Today or tomorrow I will have my inventory page updated to include items from Avon's Naturals line, hand lotions and the best eye makeup remover I've ever used. All of the inventory items are available at deeply discounted prices! Check it out!