Lisa's Valuable Links

Other places to find Lapisworks on the web
Etsy - I'll be posting my handmade goods here as well.

eBay - I do not sell very often on eBay anymore, but from time to time I will post a few items.

Avon - More than likely you've heard of the company, now you can get to know the products.  This is your one-stop source for all your beauty needs!  Let Avon and I become a part of your routine!   With the 100% satisfaction gaurantee, you have nothing to be concerned about!

Avon Inventory Sale - I have amassed quite a collection of full size Avon products over the last few months and would like to offer them to you at a deeply discounted price.  Check this page for an ever-changing selection of cosmetics, bath & body and fashion items.  You can also sign up for email updates by clicking here.

Avon Campaign Special Offers - This site sumarizes the latest campaign special offers from Avon.  Check this page for the lastest offers available and start saving!  You can always access these same deals by going to my store and clicking on "Special Offers" along the left hand side of the shop.  You can also sign up for biweekly email updates by clicking here (same mailing list as the Avon Inventory Sale).

Twitter  - If you're on Twitter, you can view my profile and follow my tweets by clicking on this link.

Facebook - If you're on Facebook, you can add me as a friend via my profile.  I'm still working on my official Lapisworks Fan page, but will announce it as soon as it is ready to go!

e-Commerce Solutions
Auctiva Commerce - After making eBay look professional for sellers for over 10 years, Auctiva is now branching out into the e-Commerce field.  Lapisworks has been with them since the inception early 2009 and will stay with them.  Auctiva may not be the solution for everyone, but well worth a look.

ArtFire - "Sell without fees, Create without limits" - All handmade goodies!

Etsy  - Buy or Sell your handmade or vintage wares on Etsy.  Signing up is free, and the sellers fees are minimal.

Paypal - If you haven't joined yet, take a look.  I've used Paypal for years and highly recommend them for any online transactions in which Paypal is accepted.  You can even get a temporary card number to use an existing card without supplying that card's actual information to the website!

Sources for Supplies (for fellow jewelry makers or crafters)
eBay - You can find almost anything on eBay.  If you are new to eBay, watch the shipping and handling charges and make sure the seller has positive feedback!

ArtFire - "Sell without fees, Create without limits" - All types of supplies and findings!

Fire Mountain Gems - amazing selection and pricing. Excellent personal experience with this vendor!

Shipwreck Beads - amazing selection and reasonable pricing.  Excellent personal experience with this vendor!

Just Beads - an online auction site for beading and jewelry making supplies.  Excellent experiences with various sellers.

Delphi Glass Art and Supplies Marketplace - This is a great resource of anything glass craft related!

Search Engine Optimization and Referrals - this site allows members to join for free and critique one another's sites.  I've received a lot of additional traffic using this site, met some amazing people and received a lot of useful advice!  Well worth checking out.

SEO and Traffic Guide - An absolute weatlth of information regarding SEO (search engine optimization) and other technological topics, great site all around!

Social Networking

Facebook - Once geared towards college students, this site has become one of the best full scale social networking sites.  Great for personal and business use.

Twitter - A hyperactive social networking site.  Bunches of fun and a great resource for updates from friends, family and vendors.

Blogspot - Blogspot or Blogger, this is Google's answer to blogging.

Wordpress - A slightly different format for blogging.

Domain Name Registration & Hosting Solutions

GoDaddy - More than likely you've seen the commercials, now check out the site! - Free website and Free hosting.

Other Various Resources

Instructables - This website is an accumulation of how to videos and documents for everything under the sun.  It's amazing to just browse through and see what people have come up with!  There is tons of inspiration available on this site for almost anyone.  Browse when you have time, you'll hate to leave!

Polyvore - This site is the neatest creation.  You have access to a huge selection of clothing and accessories images at your fingertips with which you can drag and drop in your browser to create outfits.  You can also download a tool to copy images found online to your Polyvore account so that you can virtually test out items before you buy them.  My description does not do the site justice - if you like to shop, check this site out!

Mailchimp - Online email marketing software.  Free and paid accounts are available as well as many templates to use in your email campaigns.

Carol's Easy HTML - a wonderful website focused on easy HTML for the beginner.  Carol also offers a lot of advice to Avon Independent Sales Representatives regarding their online store and how to format it best for their needs.

Shala's Beadwork - nice site with free beading patterns

Cluck Cluck Sew - Super creative site, lots of inspiration here!

The Bead Dreamer's Blog - Another super creative site with lots of inspiration!

Organize It - If you are in desperate need of organization inspiration, this may be the site for you!

Toodledo - Online task list tool, easy to use and of course, free! 

Home Jewelry Business Success Tips  - This humongous site is the brainchild of one woman with a few contributing authors.  The main focus is making your hobby of jewelry making into a successful money maker, but most of the articles can be applied to any small business! Huge wealth of information!

Color Palette Generator - This fun tool from Big Huge Labs allows you to upload any photo and it will pull out color swatches from that photo.  Great tool when you need some inspiration.

Save up to 80% on custom printed products at Vistaprint. Order today!

Evernote  - If you browse the web and wish there were a better way to store what you find than the thousands of bookmarks you may have, try Evernote.  You can copy and paste anything you find on the web or elsewhere.  The program is synced with your account online so it works across any platform, including someone else's computer, you'll always have it with you.  I love it!

Totally Unique Thoughts  - This site is filled with lots of unique ways of looking at life and what we experience.  If you've read The Secret, you'll love this site!

The Secret - More than likely you've heard of  "the secret" this is your chance to find out more about it.  The book is well worth the read, or watch the movie if you're not a reader.  The law of attraction is a powerful tool and I can honestly attest to this "system" of gratitude and vision working!

FlyLady - This amazing site provides a manageable and logical approach to decluttering and cleaning your home, body and life.  A little overwhelming in the beginning, but if you take the advised "babysteps" it will become easy before you know it!  The first phrase seen on the homepage is: "Know your limits and do a little each and every day. Before you know it, your home will be de-cluttered and you will have your life back." ~FlyLady - I can deal with that!

Organize Right Now - This blog is authored by a professional organizer and contains LOTS of handy advice to organize your life.

I'll keep posting them as I get them, this list will end up being far longer than first anticipated, but have fun with it!  If you have any sites you'd like me to link to, email me!  As always, Thank you!  Lisa