Sunday, November 15, 2009

I've added Avon to my list of products. Whether you are familiar with the brand, or not, you'll find high quality products at unbeatable prices. One stop shopping in the convenience of your own home. Check out my Avon site to start saving and cross off some people from your gift list!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All I can say is WOW!

I stumbled upon this article earlier this evening and had to share! Ubisoft released the title Style Lab Jewelry Design yesterday, November 10, 2009. With this "software" you are able to design your own jewelry using beads and components that can be found at After designing your jewelry, you can upload it to the StyleLab website and make it public. By doing this, you or your friends and family can purchase the finished piece that will assemble for you. Or purchase the beads and components needed for the piece independently from and put it together yourself.

How cool is that? I mean, what a great way to spend time waiting in line at the grocery store or at the Dr's office, rather than reading those droll magazines, you can sit there and design your next masterpiece with over 400 components and 60 templates, the number of combinations is nearly infinite! I realize that this is not going to have every bead that you will find on the website, but could prove to be a great way to preview designs with color combinations and materials that you may not currently have in your repertoire. You can also set up and run your own jewelry boutique, which requires setting up your store display window as well as other facets of running and building a business. If your friends have the game, you are able to trade beads and jewelry wirelessly.

Whether you consider this "game" for yourself, or someone on your gift list, $29.99 brand new is not a bad investment. That is, if you can wrestle the DS away from your kid's hands. Otherwise, you may have to buy yourself a DS, which will run about $89.99 for a refurbished one from, or $129.99 for a brand new DS, the newest rendition of the DS, the DSi runs for $169.99. I am voting for a Nintendo DS for our household, how about you?? Too much fun! If you happen to pick this up, post a comment with your thoughts. I am very curious about it! Thanks, and enjoy, Lisa

Recovery from a Holiday Bazaar

This weekend was a first for me in several ways. I attended my first two day Holiday Bazaar and began selling Avon! Although my jewelry sales were not what I would have liked, I learned a lot and met some incredible artisans. I also had my first Avon sale. After licking my wounds, I came to realize that my jewelry is not, an everyday, every person type of jewelry. The jewelry I create is not off-the-wall, but different, and I now know I need to create a line that is more "user friendly". Although it was frustrating, I watched as vendors around me sold pieces left and right that I considered nice, but bland. I have to say, I rarely wear jewelry. I believe in the "less is more" mentality and tend to go without much adornment. Now I need to create jewelry for myself. Pieces that I would be comfortable wearing, in order to cater to more customers. Interesting...

I realize this more than likely sounds odd, and feel I need to explain myself. If not to appease you the reader, to perhaps make sense out of it for myself. I see beads that I love or vintage components and create a piece around that. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind. Although there were a lot of admirers, my pieces did not find their owners. One of my necklaces haunted me for three weeks until I created it. The general concept was in my head, but I could not create any other pieces until that piece was just right and finished in the studio.
Afterwards, the creative juices flowed like a fountain in spring and many pieces were made. That same piece had so many admirers I was sure it would sell, but it came home with me. I'll need to make some adjustments to my inventory, both new and vintage, and I've already began to plan the new layout for bazaars and shows.

Right now I'm focused on uploading everything to the store and getting that up to date. I've made enough excuses and need to just jump in with both feet. One of my best friends is moving next month half way across the country and intends to form a business selling clothing and other goodies. I am hoping that she and I can partner on a few things and benefit from the collaboration. We created jewelry together in high school and hit the shows, The Grateful Dead and Phish, selling our wares, as well as the occasional brownies and grilled cheese sandwiches. We had fun doing it and were good at it. Now with an additional 15 (or so) years under our belts, the sky is the limit.

Now to you. Suggestions on styles of jewelry you are likely to purchase, color schemes, materials would be awesome. I know what I like, but that does not dictate what I create. I want to hear what others want to see and wear (mostly purchase ;D). Leave your comments, PLEASE. Take a look around my store and comment on what is nice what is weird, I think you understand what I'm asking for. If you see something you can not live without, I'll sweeten the pot. Enter Coupon Code BSCC10 to receive 10% off your order (coupon will expire 12/31/09)! I appreciate any input that you can provide. Thanks! Lisa

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Think Globally, Act or Support Locally

I was flipping through the latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine earlier this evening, when a little snippet of text caught my eye. The title, PROJECT 3/50, lured me in, and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by the content. Project 3/50 started out and continues to support the locally owned shops that are a life-blood to the neighborhood that surrounds them. The idea - choose three independent businesses you would miss if they closed. Make it a point to stop in these locations over the upcoming week or two and perhaps buy something. Try to make a commitment to yourself and your local economy to do this each month, allotting a set dollar amount to spend in these businesses. We could all benefit from unplugging from the insanity of our lives and stroll through market downtown one day. I used to work in the building that stands in front of our local farmer's market. Market days I had the world at my fingertips when it came to lunch, and I took full advantage of it. Since I left that job over 6 years ago, I've been to market a hand full of times. The worst part of it is that we live only 10 minutes from market. I was there only a month or so ago and the amount of change shocked me. Half the stands I remember (the old-timers) are no longer there. There are new stands offering new and wonderful items that I would not have seen at market 5 years ago.

The point of this rambling is that, had I made it more of a point to frequent the numerous local businesses downtown, and elsewhere, there would not have been any shock. There are some really exciting things happening downtown that I am only now hearing about because I haven't spent any time there. The art scene in Lancaster is flourishing and it energizes me just thinking about it! When I was a teenager, I was always haunting the coffee shops, book stores, Goodwill, and the local bands playing at the Chameleon club or some other location. When I was involved, I learned so much from those that had lived the life for years, and received invitations to events that. I wouldn't have even known about otherwise. It was a very exciting time in my life It seems that Lancaster is now seeing the resurgence it needs to sustain a thriving art community. This would not be true if it were not for those who make it a point to support our local shops, galleries and stands. Each of these businesses are owned by and run by people who genuinely care about the outcome of their interaction with you. They/we want to leave a lasting impression and hope that your business will come back for more in the future!

Check out their website, and read what they have to say. Our economy needs every bit of help it can get right now, and it needs to start locally before branching out any wider. I have already lost several of the small family run businesses that I grew up with here in Lancaster. Each time one closed, I almost mourned after hearing the news. These are not just businesses or stores, these are people and families that are pouring their heart and soul into what they do. The least we can do is show our support and tell them what a great job they're doing!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chaos in the studio...

So I started the daunting task of reorganizing and cleaning the "Studio", which is in fact an enclosed porch off of our living room. I've made a lot of progress, but I've also managed to reach a point where I am stuck. I've decided to completely flip my work surface area which will increase the amount of countertop space I have, but will involve moving items I had planned to leave alone. Even so, in the long run it will be worthwhile. I'll be more accessible to the family during waking hours while I am in the studio, and late at night I'll be able to hear any little footsteps much earlier than previously.

I expect that the space will evolve with time. This set-up will more than likely last for a few weeks and then change again depending upon my needs. While cleaning and reorganizing I've found many beautiful vintage pieces that I forgot I had and many restoration projects to work on when my own creativity levels are low. I've also located beads and components that I thought were lost forever. It truly is amazing what you find when you clean up! More later, and perhaps pictures of the finished space...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rainy Day Blessings..

Last night I found myself scrounging through all sorts of boxes trying to find all the tid-bits for a piece of jewelry that was stuck in my head. After an hour of frustration, and perhaps out of jealousy of my husband's new "man cave" in the basement, I will be dedicating today to organization day. My studio has become a dumping ground again for all things artistic
(that my husband hasn't "borrowed") and I can not find a thing! Since it's raining it out, I think I'll use this time wisely and set things up so that I can crank out all these promised items! Hopefully I do not get lost in there!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

An introduction and more..

I will begin this blog with my "About Me" information. Future posts will be shorter and more concise. Thanks again for visiting and I hope you like what you've found!

Lapisworks Vintage Artisan Garden is both a web based garden of delights as well as a nomadic dreamer selling her wares. Most times there is a companion with me, whether it is my husband, mother or a friend, they share the same ideals regarding life and our planet and the focus of what Lapisworks is. I strive to beautify my customers while leaving a smaller footprint upon our wonderful Mother Earth. Although I do use some new materials in my jewelry pieces, many of the beads and some components are living a second life in my jewelry pieces. Some are pieces that only needed restrung with stronger materials now available, while others have been taken apart and spread amongst many pieces dependant upon where the vision goes. The whole philosophy is breathing life back into these marvelous works of art that have been left behind.

It all began one afternoon when I looked in my desk drawer at home and noticed a piece of costume jewelry my mom had given to me to tinker with. I’ve been dabbling with making jewelry for over 15 years. Of course, I had not yet touched it, but at that moment, seeing the amazing oranges and greens used and the sunlight dancing off these rhinestones, I could not fathom the thought that this piece was no longer valuable as far as art was concerned. Money-wise, sure I can understand it was missing a few stones and the clasp was loose, therefore mostly worthless, but there must be some use for it! So my mind began to wander. What could I do with all this broken and unwanted jewelry that was floating around at yard sales, flea markets, eBay, even Etsy? How could I mix these pieces with another interest of mine that would be different than everyone else? How could I help to keep these items out of the landfills and increase beauty for others?

I can’t call myself a gardener, but I love to play in the dirt and plant things. It was mid-spring while I was thinking this over, so you can imagine the amount of dirt caked underneath my fingernails and the sunshine that had been sparkling over me. Could I possibly meld the love of gardening with the love of lost and broken jewelry? Could I make something that I could actually sell and people would buy it? I won’t go into complete detail about the future of what will be available, but this winter will be an exciting time for Lapisworks. As I stated before, I’ve been making jewelry for over 15 years. I also currently have catnip toys made from recycled fabrics (old neckties, and other oddball funky fabrics found at thrift shops and yard sales) with the best organic catnip! I have never seen cats react to catnip like my three have with this stuff, they go bonkers over it. Soon I will have tooth fairy pillows made from organic fabrics and fill, and nifty little change purses also made from recycled fabrics. Every once in a while I run into something brand new or vintage that I can not pass up at a yard sale or a thrift store and I will pick that up and offer it on the web site. There’s also the vintage jewelry that I’ve acquired over the years that is in wearable condition or that I’ve repaired at very reasonable prices.

“Lapisworks Vintage Artisan Garden” best describes my vision for the future. Lapisworks has been my eBay user name for over 5 years, Vintage because there is a vintage flare to the jewelry and clothing articles, Artisan because these are original one of a kind pieces handmade by me, and Garden because there will be items soon available for your garden as well as the hodgepodge of items that are available, think of the web store as a garden you can stroll through and enjoy at your leisure. I hope you stop by and take a look around. The store is still in its infancy, but promises to grow.