Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All I can say is WOW!

I stumbled upon this article earlier this evening and had to share! Ubisoft released the title Style Lab Jewelry Design yesterday, November 10, 2009. With this "software" you are able to design your own jewelry using beads and components that can be found at Artbeads.com. After designing your jewelry, you can upload it to the StyleLab website and make it public. By doing this, you or your friends and family can purchase the finished piece that Artbeads.com will assemble for you. Or purchase the beads and components needed for the piece independently from Artbeads.com and put it together yourself.

How cool is that? I mean, what a great way to spend time waiting in line at the grocery store or at the Dr's office, rather than reading those droll magazines, you can sit there and design your next masterpiece with over 400 components and 60 templates, the number of combinations is nearly infinite! I realize that this is not going to have every bead that you will find on the Artbeads.com website, but could prove to be a great way to preview designs with color combinations and materials that you may not currently have in your repertoire. You can also set up and run your own jewelry boutique, which requires setting up your store display window as well as other facets of running and building a business. If your friends have the game, you are able to trade beads and jewelry wirelessly.

Whether you consider this "game" for yourself, or someone on your gift list, $29.99 brand new is not a bad investment. That is, if you can wrestle the DS away from your kid's hands. Otherwise, you may have to buy yourself a DS, which will run about $89.99 for a refurbished one from GameStop.com, or $129.99 for a brand new DS, the newest rendition of the DS, the DSi runs for $169.99. I am voting for a Nintendo DS for our household, how about you?? Too much fun! If you happen to pick this up, post a comment with your thoughts. I am very curious about it! Thanks, and enjoy, Lisa

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